Keto Chayote ‘Apple’ Crumble. 4 servings. 2.5g net carbs each.

For ages, I’d been envious of chayote recipes seen on American blogs. A low-carb squash that tastes like apple but with a fraction of the carbs? Yes please!

Trouble was that this exotic wonder was nowhere to be found in the uk!

Apples are way too high in carbohydrates for inclusion in keto desserts. So I had long resigned to never tasting apple crumble again in my keto lifetime. Imagine my excitement when I recently saw chayote for sale in my local Tesco’s! I just had to buy it, cook it, and taste it for myself. So I did. And to my delight, it was a revelation.

What is Chayote?

Chayote is a type of squash (gourd) belonging to the cucurbitaceae family. The same family that includes courgettes (zucchini), cucumber and watermelon. It looks like a deformed green pear, with a juicy and crisp flesh that’s very apple-like. The only thing lacking, according to my taste buds, is the apple flavour. Some people seem to ‘taste’ apple in chayote. But I reckon it’s probably mind-over-matter.

So, to make my Keto Chayote ‘Apple’ Crumble taste more authentic, I add a touch of apple flavouring to the chayote. Should you wish to avoid artificial flavouring, you can just leave it out and see if you can condition your taste buds. My attitude towards anything artificial is to avoid it completely. Except where needs must and only a tiny bit is involved. 

Keto Chayote 'Apple' Crumble

How to Make Keto Chayote ‘Apple’ Crumble

The method is exactly the same as for a normal apple crumble. You chop and cook the chayote until tender but still crisp. After scooping it into serving dishes, you add the crumble and bake it. You then serve it on its own, with cream, ice-cream or custard. My favourite is crème anglaise, and I have a recipe HERE, if you want to check it out.

Keto Chayote 'Apple' Crumble

For the crumble, I use a mixture of ground almonds and desiccated coconut, with sweetener and butter. It’s ultra simple to make and crisps up really well.

Here is the recipe. I hope you like my Keto Chayote ‘Apple’ Crumble as much as I do!

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  • chop chayote into small cubes and simmer with butter, sweeteners, Five Spice and salt for 10-20 minutes (no lid) depending on ripeness of chayote; stir in vanilla and apple essence (if using) and leave to infuse until cold.

  • pre-heat oven to 180°C static.

  • mix all crumb ingredients and rub between fingers until you get coarse crumbs.

  • divide chayote (about 50g each) between 4 ramekins (U.S. option HERE) and top with crumbs.
  • bake 15 mins or until caramelised. 

  • serve hot or cold, on its own or with pouring cream, vanilla ice cream or custard.

Apple flavouring can be omitted, but you may not taste ‘apple’ from the chayote.
Can be baked in advance and re-heated when needed by simply popping in the microwave on medium/low setting for 30-40 seconds.
Best served with my Creme Anglaise Custard.
Sukrin Gold adds a lovely golden colour and caramel flavour to the crumb, but you can swap it for granulated erythritol if you wish.
Use Metric Kitchen Scales to measure ingredients accurately (U.S. option HERE).

Serving: 1 | Calories: 197kcal | Carbohydrates: 2.5g | Protein: 4g | Fat: 18g

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